Amber-E™ VS000 Melt/Fusible Ceramic Precursor

Amber-E™  VS000 is a solid polysilazane that when heated becomes a free-flowing liquid. Amber-E™  VS000 can be melt- or solvent-spun into fibers. Fibers spun from Amber-E™  VS000 are readily shape stabilized prior to pyrolysis by various methods, including radical initiated or photolytic processes. The resulting fibers can then be pyrolyzed to silicon carbide, silicon nitride, silicon carbonitride, or silicon carboxynitride by heating to 1,000°C. The final ceramic phase is dependent upon the pyrolysis atmosphere. The ceramic yield as measured by thermal gravimetric analysis (TGA) is 84% in a nitrogen atmosphere.

Major Applications: 

Ceramic matrix composites, metal matrix composites, ceramic fibers, and ceramic coatings.

Product Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet


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