Amber-E™ VP000 (Prepreg Polysilazane Resin)

Heat-Curable Ceramic Precursor

Amber-E™ VP000 Prepreg Polysilazane is a soft solid that deforms under pressure and can be readily thermoset to a hard rigid solid by heating to 180°C‒200°C. Alternatively, Amber-E™ VP000 can be cured at lower temperatures by adding a small quantity of a free radical initiator. The resulting solid can then be pyrolyzed to either silicon carbide or silicon nitride by heating to 1,000°C. Amber-E™ VP000 is a firm solid when cooled, is soft and tacky at room temperature, and becomes a viscous liquid when warmed.

Major Application:

CMC Prepregs.

Product Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet


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