Amber-E™ VHC000 Heat Curable Coating Resin

Amber-E™ VHC000 is a pale yellow, low viscosity liquid polysilazane-based coating resin that is specially designed for use in the formulation of heat-curable ceramic coatings. Amber-E™ VHC000 is supplied as a 100% “solids” liquid of low viscosity, and rapidly solidifies upon heating to    200°C‒250°C.  Solidification can be achieved at lower temperatures with the addition of a free radical initiator such as dicumyl peroxide.

Amber-E™ VHC000 can be blended with a variety of pigments, such as metal powders (zinc, aluminum, stainless steel), ceramic powders (silicon carbide, aluminum oxide, silicon nitride), or the like. Such compositions can be formulated with or without solvent and can be applied by dipping, spraying, or brushing onto a variety of substrates—metal, glass, and ceramics. For ultrahigh-temperature formulations, the coated part is then heated to at least 454°C to promote conversion of the polymer to ceramic. Depending on the exact formulation, coating operating temperatures of 900°C or above can be achieved.

Major Applications:

High Temperature Coatings and Thermally Stable Corrosion Coatings

Product Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet


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