Why Amber?

INTRODUCING . . . Amber-E™ Polysilazanes


Amber begins life as a very special liquid—tree resin.

But a lot has to happen between resin and amber.

Fossilization happens— well, molecular polymerization, resulting from high pressures and temperatures, to be technically correct— converting this liquid resin to a unique organic gemstone of outstanding beauty and utility.


At times, this process produces inclusions of insects and plant material that are protected and preserved for millions of years . . . coated by Amber.

Amber-E™ polysilazanes products

Like their namesake, Hathaway’s Amber E™ polysilazane products begin as a simple liquid resin. From here, these resins can be engineered into desired viscosities, molecular weights and forms, ranging from low-viscosity fluids to intractable solids—and everything between, making possible products and applications such as

  • low-viscosity infiltration fluids for PIP CMCs;
  • diamond-like top coats;
  • graffiti-vanquishing coatings;
  • thermoplastic moldable solids;
  • polymer-derived ceramics;
  • composite binder resins for PMCs, MMCs, and CMCs;
  • powdered polysilazanes.

One size does not fit all .


Now you have a choice.

Contact us to discuss your application requirements.


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