About us


Hathaway Advanced Materials is an American-based company with offices in Columbus, Ohio, and Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

We engineer, manufacture, and market a broad selection of standard polysilazane resins suitable as drop-in replacements for most commercially available polysilazane.  In addition, we produce “special” polysilazane resins to customer specifications.

Hathaway was founded by the original inventors of KiON® polysilazanes and the patented state-of-the-art KiON production process. Our technical staff brings years of expertise and experience.

In addition to producing polysilazanes, Hathaway utilizes its fully equipped captive research laboratory in Mississauga at Hathaway Research International to assist our customers with special needs.  Our technical staff thrives on innovation and has filed numerous patents since our formation.

Hathaway Advanced Materials is an Ohio (USA) corporation, a factor that will make polysilazane utilization more attractive to certain markets, including the U.S. military, aerospace, and defense industries.

We invite you to email us with your questions or product needs.  We are here to help.


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